Fully Juiced!

Fully Juiced!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 5 of 12...Seven Pounds in 4 Days: I Love My Juice!

I've lost 7 pounds in 4 days...I'm starting my 5th day on the fast today!  I continue to be amazed at how easy this is.  I thought I would be obsessed with eating throughout this time, but, other than the triggers and urges to chew in the first 1-3 days, I have had no issues what so ever.  Now, I've read at the "F,S & ND" website on the forum that some people struggle a bit more in the first 3 days....but virtually no one has had any problems after day three.  I mean, seriously, if you make it to day 4, it is a piece of cake.  Your palate has completely changed (meaning you actually start to crave your green juice), and it's so easy to just grab your container of juice when you feel hungry that there is no heartache in not being able to chew on something.

On evening 3, I admit, I looked at my husband's grilled salmon and wanted a bite...but hey, I get to have that the rest of my life after the fast, so it was not a problem suppressing the urge.   I've been around other family members eating ice cream, french fries, etc. and I don't feel deprived at all; instead I don't even find the other food appealing and I'm just happy that my health is improving by leaps and bounds instead.

I wish someone would do a study on why juicing not only makes you feel physically healthy, but also emotionally stellar.  I mean, I guess it's obvious why since your cells (including neurons) are all singing inside of you once they get the nutrients they finally need through the juice..but the physiology would be really interesting.  I can't remember a time in my life feeling happier or with such a sense of over riding contentment and  positive outlook.  It's kind of uncanny...but not unusual I guess, since many juicers report the same thing.  Hmmm.

I have to admit something: last night I was slicing a peach for my husband, and completely out of habit, slipped a piece in my mouth and ate it!  I know that it's not the end of the world, and I put peaches in my juice all the time, so it's something you are encouraged to consume on the fast....but for the fast-purists out there, I messed up.  And here's the best part: that peach tasted like the most incredible organic peach I had ever dreamed of.  My taste buds were so sensitive to the flavor of raw, healthy produce that I believe my sense of taste is cleaned out too now.  I mean, it was crazy incredible. So incredibly good that I actually ate 3 more slices ! :D  Jake said, "Are you supposed to eat that?".

"No, but hey, it's on my list of foods to juice and I just can't believe how amazing it tastes!  Besides, one or two ( okay, 4) little slices of peach is not going to break my fasting efforts."

So be it.  I am not a purist, and never will be, and that's fine.

I have been proclaiming the wonderful benefits of Juicing for 5 days now, and I thought it would be important to think through the "cons" just so this blog and my opinion can be balanced.  Here is the list I came up with:

The Cons of Juicing:
  • It's messy...no matter how you juice, or what machine you use, it's messy.  Pulp and juice find their way onto your clothes (and beet juice really stains), the counter, the floor at times.
  • Everyone else you live with will want you to make juice for them (or share YOUR juice) once they try it...so there is a bit more hassle and work that might take place once you start; and it's frustrating when you share your juice "gold" with them, and then they chase it with a chocolate chip cookie!! Seems like a waste.
  • Your clothes will fit looser, so you may have to buy new ones. Even on just a 5-day fast, you are going to lose weight; so if you don't want to, you'd have to add in extra foods or maybe high quality fats (like olive oil to your green juice? I have no idea)
  • You have to visit the bathroom a lot more...very inconvenient when you are traveling or in the middle of town on errands, etc.
  • You may have to put up with friends or family that think you are just going through some health-craze phase, and that this too shall pass.  Naysayers are not fun...neither are people that say, "That's great for you, but I'd never do it."  It's kinda sad, and that's a con.
  • You have to take a juicer with you if you plan to leave town in order to truly remain on the fast (this is why I'm doing 12 days...because on day 13, Jake and I are going on a trip to the Portland Art on the Pearl Festival and I didn't want to be juicing then).  For those planning longer fasts, buying 2 juicers (a travel and home juicer) could be spendy.
And, I think that's about it.  For me, the pros outweigh the cons by a landslide...but for others, they may not.

All I know is that this juicing works and is hands-down the best, most delicious, easiest journey for health and weight loss that I have ever experienced.

Little tips I've learned about juicing that are cool:
  1. Broccoli Stems (the long trunks under the fluffy part at top) contain a LOT of juice and is sweeter than the florets.  Juicing broccoli is awesome, and in your green juice, it doesn't taste "broccoli-ish"
  2. Always juice your cucumber last ... it "washes" out the other produce and pulp left in the juicer.
  3. Celestial Seasonings Tiger Spice Cinnamon-y herb tea (with the tiger on the front) is amazing iced with a little stevia in it.
  4. "Naked" Juice or other brands that are in the grocery store are NOT a good buy and shouldn't be used for your fast.  It is all pasteurized (which means heated to boiling for a certain amount of time) and all of the live enzymes that are the healthy component in fresh juice are killed.
  5.  Freezing your juice to defrost and drink later kills the enzymes too..so don't freeze it.  It will "keep" for 24-48 hours; but always try to drink it as soon as possible since storing diminishes the nutrient quality a little each hour. Conversely, it is totally ok to use frozen fruits in your juice to augment it...the site suggests defrosting it first...but I have tossed in handfuls of frozen blueberries and they come through the juicer with a great creamy texture and make it all cold and yummy.
  6. Wrapping celery in foil makes in stay fresh longer.
  7. Taking your carrots out of their plastic bag so they can "breathe" in your frig keeps them from going bad
  8. Organic produce is hands-down more flavorful and worth every extra cent it costs to purchase up front.  I don't even stress on the prices now...I buy what's on sale, and save a ton on not buying the junk I used to: so, it evens out. Always look for the number "9" as the first number on your produce label..."9" means it is certified Organic.
  9. I make it a point to tell my favorite organic farmer at the Grower's Market that I LOVE his produce, and I commend him for working hard to do the right thing for all of us who buy his veggies and fruits.  Usually, others are standing around when I say that, and hopefully they will be encouraged to buy his stuff and not the guy's next to him who uses chemicals to augment growth or kill pests :(.   **I was buying produce from one local farm that has a booth every week that swarms with customers at the Grower's Market...I asked the guy that took the money if they used any pesticides on the farm , and he said "no, but they use fertilizers".  He didn't sound too sure, so I found their farm's website online and sent them an email.  The owner said, "yes, we do use pesticides and herbicides, but ALL according to the directions of the chemical company...so there is not much residue on the produce when it gets to market."  Ummmmmm, no...not going to buy there again.  If you want to know the name of the farm, facebook or email me.
  10. So, in response to #8 above, always ask if you don't see the "organic" label on produce....nine times out of ten, even at the Grower's Market, it will have chemicals on it if not labeled or on their Farm Sign, etc.
Have an amazing day!

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